Making Better Humans

Welcome To Dihliz

A school for excellence under Markaz Garden, prioritizes quality, values and ethos

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Making Better Humans

Cutting-Edge Schooling

A Global Gateway to the Cutting – Edge Schooling with a vision that called for creating, molding and developing ethically sound professionals in the fields concerned.

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Making Better Humans

Grow Globally at Markaz Garden

Dihliz opens the world of opportunities to expand the future connections.

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With Medical, Engineering Coaching from domain experts


With CA, CS, CMA Foundation from professionals


With Life Skills Training and Competitive Exam Coaching

About Us

Dihilz, a phrase meaning threshold in Persian, continues the journey that GSV started more than one decade before. Dihliz World School, runs under Markaz Garden, Calicut, plans its residential school system with a new advanced approach and outstanding curriculum to expand its global connections. It explores excellence in all the academic and non-academic areas to mould the students as 'ideal' in the areas concerned.





24 Hrs




Our Features

We highly value the learning environment. Our green campus provides an engaging environment and energetic learning. We keep you afresh and alive in this serene land.

Job Oriented Skills Development

The courses are outlined with a futuristic vision to create a pool of highly skilled manpower for various sectors. The curriculum helps to be acquainted with the skills needed for the profession in the future.

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Holistic development approachs

Intellectual, mental, physical, emotional, and social abilities in a child shape him to be the ideal. This holistic approach strengthens him to stand straight and face any hurdles in front.

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Thematic learning strategies

Learning is wieldy with thematic apparatus. The more of the whole can be comprehended through its selection and highlighting strategies. Connecting real life-situations with the textual ideas keep them well understood.

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Career Mapping

The best in the future depicts here by tools of mapping career with existing records and personalised assessments. The process utilizes a series of different strategies to articulate the future profession.

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Expert Teachers

We always value the best in the industry. A passionate, skilled, trained and experienced teacher could easily influence and develop the values, potential and skills of a student.

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Personlized Training

A well designed curriculum ensures the growth of each student here. We design the dreams of each young resident with exposing their talent, ability and skills mentally, physically and intellectually. The individual attention with holistic approach brings out hidden talents.

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Director's Message

Dihliz World School prepares you to achieve your goals in the rapidly and constantly changing environment of global education. Structured in a serene garden, Dihliz delivers the competitive advantages and global experience of commerce, science and high school. The dire need of the hour to mould ethically inspired professionals and leaders incorporated the ideas of Islamic value system in substantially met and fulfilled at this garden of innovative mission and practical wisdom.

Dr. MAH Azhari
Director, Dihliz

Study in a vibrant environment. You will learn from domain experts with a great deal of pioneering spirit how you can enrich your skills, personality and academic excellence in order to have a constructive impact on the world.


Sayed Abdul Qadar Jeelani

Student, Grade X

I am so proud of my child's activity. Before Dihliz he was a normal kid. Now he is totally different.


Mustafa Hassan

Happy Parent

Unlike other schools, Dihliz helps us to develop a new culture. With full facilitated campus we feel more comfortable here.


Zaid Nazer

Happy Student